Our website is designated to help customers find local locksmiths in their area instantly. On the FindLocalLocksmith.com website you will find dozens of eligible locksmiths in your service area. Dial (888) 874-7144 to speak to one of our agents for any questions or concerns.

What kind of Locksmith services are provided?

Most people contact FindLocalLocksmith.com upon emergency situations that require immediate attention. The locksmiths featured on our website are versatile in all locksmith fields and can assist you with any lockout service issues. The list of services are vast and vary from automotive, to residential, or security systems – call one of our representatives who can help match you with a suitable locksmith for your lockout needs.

Are you interested in a keyless entry system?

The locksmiths featured on our website can install keyless entry systems for your home, vehicle, or business. Call one of our agents to see if this option is right for you.

Locked out of your vehicle?

Call one of our representatives who can find you a locksmith in your area that can come to your location and is able to generate a key on the spot. Most locksmiths can create a basic replacement key in a swift amount of time. If your key contains a microchip (transponder key) it may take a little longer than the average car key.

Can an Automotive Locksmith replace my lost or broken remote control key?

Yes, a automotive locksmith carries new remote control keys which need to be programmed and synced with your car on site. Most of the automotive locksmiths are able to complete this task on site.

What is a master key?

A master key is the primary key in relation to a group of keys – which means this key is able to unlock many types of locks that are not exclusive to one set of locks. Most master keys are used by property managers and other people that require access to several locks.

In order to be able to master-key a group of locks, all the locks need to be made by the same manufacturer. However it is possible to create a master key if the brand isn’t identical.

Call one of our agents who can provide you a locksmith that can provide master keys.

I’m interested in opening all the doors in my house with one key, is this possible?

Yes. Most locksmiths are able to create one key that grants access to all the locks in your household.

We purchased a new home, should we install new locks?

Absolutely. It’s extremely important to be cautious of who has access to your home or else you’re putting yourself and your family members at risk for break ins. Call one of our representatives who can help find a locksmith that specializes in rekeying and other residential locksmith needs.

Do you offer Guarantees?

Of course. All of our services come with a 90 day full satisfaction guarantee. If any issues arise, our company will make sure to solve the issue and provide the best services possible. We are here to fully assist and help our customers.

How do I find the best locksmith in my location?

Browse through our website to find a locksmith in your area or call one of our representatives who can find a locksmith in your proximity. If you are using a different domain to find a locksmith, be sure to avoid being scammed by making sure to ask your locksmith if he is certified by the ALOA (Assosciated Locksmiths of America) and read this article on FTC.gov on locksmith fraud.

Be safe!